How does the sense of touch affect our guests in the salon? Why does a shampoo feel so good at the salon?

Enjoy a relaxing shampoo treatment experience

The 5 Senses of Beauty

We're probably all familiar with the 5 senses that humans have; touch, smell, sight, hear, and taste. What do these senses have to do with the beauty industry, and how can this affect us in the chair at the Hair Salon? In the next blog series, we will explore how these senses relate and affect the Beauty Industry and ultimately you, our guests.


Our industry is one of the last ones to be able to touch our guests without gloves, especially after the Covid Pandemic. THIS is really important to us, because touching another human being creates a connection that can't be created through gloves or tools.

Shampooing and Massages

It's not uncommon that a guest in the shampoo bowl melts into the chair/table during a shampoo or massage during a spa treatment. I like to use a method I learned while living in NYC from a Japanese Salon. My head massage while the conditioner sits is a signature, and much requested at the salon. All of our stylist have their own unique technique, and their guests are equally melting into their seats as well. Is it about getting the hair clean, or is it about making sure they enjoy the experience and even look forward to for next time? These experiences make a huge difference.


Whether its a shampoo, massage, chemical application, combing, blowdrying, etc, our guests can feel the confidence you have in what the stylist does. Here at Tops Hair Salon, we strive to be unique from other salons in the Rockledge / Viera, and the experience at the bowl and chair is very important to us. Come enjoy a relaxing Shampoo or Customized Treatments brought to you by Davines & Milbon, along with your specialized haircuts, haircolor, or texture services. We look forward to seeing you.

With much love,

Ty Isobe